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Do you help treat terminal or chronic illness?

I do not, however, knowing your body is knowing yourself.  I work with clients to help them understand how unique their body functions: where there may be imbalances, and how your body responds to foods and their current lifestyle.  By focusing on these imbalances, the body responds in miraculous ways.  Finding out what your body needs most may help you kick those habits and/or addictions.

What happens during the Function Evaluation?

The FE consists of lingual-neuro, muscle, reflex and energetic testing in order to further assess your biochemical needs and make appropriate, personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations.  The FE involves a hands on approach where I palpate reflex points that correspond with your organs, check your blood pressure, and allergic tension, if any.

Do you treat patients with severe health problems?

I do.  If you are seeing a doctor or another health practitioner it is important that they are consulted and aware of your desicion.  I will be making personal changes to your diet and lifestyle and they need to know.

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