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Undigested Fat and its Assault on Our Immune System

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

A good way of checking on how well your digesting is to check your stools. Pending on how your poo may look will give you a good idea if you are struggling within. Fat malabsorption comes from a poor digestive system. Imagine a slushy or ice cream machine. When the temperature is "out of whack" frost builds up over the nozzle creating a congested space resulting in a slushy or runny pile of muck in your cup. We need good bile to digest fats.

Your liver creates a bile that helps in digestion which is shipped and stored in the gallbladder. If the bile is thick and sticky the gallbladder will struggle to squeeze it out causing old hormones and toxins to re-cycle and re-absorb leading to problems later on.

Since the bile is stuck in the gallbladder the proper juices are not reaching the small intestine. This leaves undigested fats that leave the body without nourishing it. Undigested fats may lead to gallbladder pain, gassy and smelly stools, gallstones, hormone imbalance, and more. I will also mention that the pancreas likes to help out a little by providing enzymes (proteins) to target fat digestion and body nourishment.

Next time your in the bathroom take a look. A log is a good sign. An oil streak would most likely be undigested fat. Fat is your friend, but you need to know which fats. Stay away from processed fats. There is nothing better than the real deal. The body burns fat at a slow rate. When you eat good fats your body is able to digest properly, releasing the proper enzymes that help nourish the rest of the body. If you consume process hydrogenated (trans) fat, the process of creating these foods destroy the nutritional value of the product.

Do not be afraid of the kitchen. Cooking your meals is the best way to eat healthy. It allows you to stay in control of your diet. Stick to real fat. Stay away from processed boxed foods (trans fat). Don't eat low-fat. Fat is your friend. Use olive oil instead of vegetable oil. Avocados, cheese, fish, nuts, oils, as well as dark chocolate are great sources of good fats. Get to know your good fats versus the bad fats.

Remember that each one of us is build differently. We all require a specific nutritional and supplemental blend of goodness. Be aware of how you feel. Most importantly chew your food.

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